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My Painted Ladies created by Kim Shelton

My Painted Ladies is a series that shares the visual story of 3 sometimes more friends and the experiences these bright and colorful ladies find in life. My intent is to create expressive minimalistic scenes of memories that connect me with my viewers. The use of different colors in the girls faces represent all the colors that makeup our skin tones separated into each individual color. 


Hi, I’m Kim, a full-time artist presently living in Dayton Ohio with my husband Dale and our puppy dog. I received my BFA from Wright State University in 1998 and my Master’s of Art Education from UD in 2004. I taught art in downtown Dayton for eleven years. Making art has always been a passion of mine. "My Painted Ladies, A Coloring Book" is my third coloring book. Since its beginning in 2019, My Painted Ladies has gone from acrylic paintings to vinyl prints, cards, stickers, Christmas cards, spiral notebooks and now a coloring book.


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